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Michael, Creative Director, is the owner and founder of Ponds by Michael Wheat, a nationwide pond company started nearly 10 years ago. As the business has grown it’s niched down its services. It started out as a landscaping company and is now a pond specialist company. To see our sister website please use this link pondandgardendesign.co.uk

Swim Ponds by Michael Wheat was created due to the demand for swimming pools that suit the nature they are sat in. As their construction and implementation is so closely linked to ponds, Michael and his team have used their experience to enter this new market. As one of the country’s market leaders in pond creation, they wanted to add swimponds to their portfolio.

Using their unique system in creating ponds they are now able to deliver the same expertise in delivering swimponds. Including creating CAD drawings – showing their potential clients exactly what the end product will look like. With their relationships with the market-leaders in filtration and pond materials we can offer the best materials and systems. As a professional outfit we also have an office and are always there at the end of the phone.

We look forward to helping you create your awesome swimpond!

Michael Wheat, director of Swim Ponds By Michael Wheat

“Fantastic customer service from Michael Wheat Ponds who built our pond nearly two years ago. The pond pump stopped working recently just within its guarantee period. It was quickly replaced and fitted without any fuss.”

Susan Iannantuoni

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