Can I have a SwimPond if I also have dogs?

Good news, The simple answer is yes

You might be worried about the hair from you dog in the pool and how this affects the water and the system.

The submerged pump moves the water around so there are no still or stagnant areas. This pump also helps to move any floating debris, fur or dirt from paws into the filter sieves or sponges. This means any particles including human hair, oil from skin, leaves and any fur or dirt from the dogs hair and paws will be captured in the filter box

Dog fur and dirt will not build up in the pool floor or between the plants so cannot disrupt the water’s nutrient balance.

The other consideration is claws – we are often asked if they might puncture the waterproof rubber pond lining. It is true that sharp stone or metal and put a hole in butyl rubber.

To avoid any chance of dogs claws (or deer hooves for that matter) puncturing the lining, we add an additional layer on geotextile over the lining for protection, we then add a think layer of curved river pebbles and boulders the shallow areas and shelves that the dog may stand on. This method ensures the claws have no chance or pressing down onto the lining with any force.

The deeper shelves do not need extra protection as dogs and deer only have access to the shallow water’s edge.

We are cautious to design a swimpond with the client’s brief in mind, often you know your dog will 100% go for a swim and we make sure we are certain the swimpond is fit for purpose. Our liner has a lifetime guarantee. We have even designed a swimpond for a dog training centre!