Can I install a SwimPond near trees?

Yes, it is possible but there a few considerations

Consider the wind direction from trees to the possible pool location as leaves or blossom falling from trees may end up in your swimpond. It is not deal to have a lot of debris falling into the swimming area. We can install a skimmer that hoovers leaves from the water’s surface and is collected in a basket before the leaves drop to the bottom and turn to sediment. This can be turned on independently, so it is only running at the times of year needed. Be aware skimmers will not collect heavier items like conkers or acorns.

If you have overhanging branches, consider cutting some back to reduce leaf fall into the pool. Another benefit of reducing the shade from branches is that your pool will be in more direct sunshine which will help to increase the temperature of the water naturally earlier in the season.

All tree species have different root systems. Mature tree’s roots may extend a lot further than expected. If the tree’s roots are close the swimpond location, they may be damaged when excavating the swimming area. Some trees can survive with part of their root system removed, but others will not. Specialist consultancy from a qualify and registered arborist is advised before you engage on a swimpond design plan with us.

You may want to consider completely clearing an area to install a pool. We’d prefer that no trees are fell to make way for a SwimPond. Our ethos revolves around eco friendly design, and we aim to increase biodiversity in your garden, not contribute to decreasing it.

You should check with your local council to see if your trees are protected by any preservation orders. If the trees are protected by law, they cannot be removed.