Do I need a natural water source on site to fill my SwimPond?

You can use any fresh water to fill the Swimpond. Some water sources are easier to work with than others when working towards clear water. We create a filtered, enclosed, eco system which is maintained by a combination of filtration and aquatic planting. This means once the pond is filled for the first time, we do not continually add new water to the system.

If you have a running water source on your land like a stream, you can use this water to fill your SwimPond. We can often temporarily divert a natural running water source into the pond once the construction of the swimpond is complete to fill the pool with natural water.

If you have a spring or water beneath your land, you could install a well or borehole to tap into your supply. This could potentially be unnecessarily costly if you have no other use for the borehole. The levels of minerals in ground water can also be high which is detrimental the balance of the swimpond nutrients.

If you have collected a large amount if rainwater on site, this can be used to fill to swimpond. Rainwater can contain contaminants from pollution and elements from rooves can also leach into the supply. This must be addressed, and the relevant water treatments used.

The final and most common option is to use mains water supply to fill initially the pond. Again, the levels of phosphates and other minerals must be ascertained by water composition testing before the pool is filled.

We carry out testing of all water going into the SwimPond system so we can accurately specify the correct combination of filtration, UV requirements and aquatic planting. The level of sunlight must also be calculated into this equation. This is done by our technical team and is overseen by Michael Wheat.