Swimpond/pond hybrid


A ‘traditional’ swimpond is built with a block work shell and the filtration is bottom drained. It looks like a rectangular swimming pool and the water can be covered and heated but no chlorine is needed. This construction method can make the installation costly. This way of delivering a swimpond can make the price beyond lots of peoples reach.

Because of this, we offer a hybrid swimpond solution. This means we can deliver a swimpond which looks very similar to our stoned wildlife ponds with shelves for aquatic planting, but with a few key differences.

The central area will be much deeper, usually between 1.6m and 2m deep. We add either steps and/or a jetty or decking area so you can easily access the central swimming area. We use 12v equipment so its safe to swim in. This means we can create a swim pond from as little as £50,000.

Making them more affordable so more people can enjoy swimming in their own back garden! For more information about getting your swimpond hybrid designed by us, please get in touch now.