What are our installation costs? Do we have a set cost per square metre?

Each design is bespoke and specified based on the requirements of your site

Our total installation costs start from £60,000 inc VAT

Sometimes difficulty with access, type of soil, drainage or the topography of the site mean these costs increase due to increased labour costs

This starting cost includes all grounds work and drainage (which can be completed by the client or their own contractor to reduce costs)

This starting cost is for a swimming area up to 12m x 4m and with a maximum depth of 2m

Our most cost effective designs use a hybrid swimpond technique to keep costs down, this cost is for a natural, curved edge, pond style design and does not include a solid concrete base or blockwork walls

Formal pool style designs with a sunken rectangular shape start from £75,000 inc VAT We offer additional landscaping beyond the pool itself, from large wrap around decks to summer houses and patios, these can also be installed by you main landscaping contractor