What are the SwimPond maintenance Requirements and Running Costs?

All the equipment we use on our SwimPonds is powered by mains power supply and is connected and running throughout the year

The power required is dependent on the volume of water in your swimpond and the amount of equipment running: the pumps, filter, any aeration, skimmers and under water lights all draw power.

Average running costs are £30-50 per month, who your electric supplier is and whether you have any energy efficient power generation on site can make a big difference.

Inside you filter you will have a sieve, sponges or possibly even both. These need to be cleaned monthly from May – September. If you do not give you sponges a rinse yourself and dirt builds up, you may need to completely replaces the sponges. If you maintain the sponges with regular rinses, they can last for over 5 years.

The aquatic plants specified will be very young and will not require cutting back in the winter. Leave the plants for at least 3 years to mature, then, if you want to trim them back in Autumn, you can. This is down to personal preference on the ascetic of your pond and not essential. The more plants growing the more habitat you have for wildlife. We do not add bull rushes or any other fast-growing plants to our designs.

The only annual cost for maintenance is the change of you UV bulb. The filament in the bulb last for around 10,000hrs (approx. 1yr) It is absolutely essential that you swap the bulb at the end of each winter to ensure the pond does not go green with algae in the spring as temperatures rise. You can buy new bulbs direct from the manufacturer online. You can also find them on the well known online websites.

We offer annual maintenance packages where one of our dedicated filtration specialists will come at regular intervals to clean the filter, pump, and any other equipment for you as well as annually changing the bulb if you don’t always live at the property.