Swimpond/pond hybrid

Hybrid natural swimming pool and natural pond

A ‘traditional’ swimpond is built with a block work shell and the filtration bottom drained. This can make the install costly. It is the ‘best’ way to deliver a swimpond but can price them out of lots of peoples reach.

Because of this we offer a hybrid swimpond solution. This means it very much looks like one of our stone wildlife ponds but with a few key differences, we leave the middle open so you can use it for swimming, and use 12v equipment so its safe to swim in. This means we can create a swim pond from as little as £25,000.

Making them more affordable so more people can enjoy swimming in their own back garden! For more information about getting your swimpond hybrid designed by us, please get in touch now.

How the filters work

Diagram of a swim pond or natural swimming pool

We use Oases proficlear systems on our swimponds. This is because they offer a unique way of mechanically filtering the water. They have drums installed inside them that thin the water so its safe to swim in. They also have a biological part which takes care of natural elements found in the pond which can deteriorate the quality of the water. Along with the UV clarifier this creates a safe outdoor swim in the UK.

What’s also great we with these filters is they self clean meaning that maintenance is actually very minimal on these systems.

These can be bottom drained or pump fed installed. If you’d like more information on these filters and why they are the best for swimponds please get in touch.

How many plants do I have to have in a swimpond?

Homeowners enjoy their natural swimming pond with decking

Interestingly enough, you don’t need plants in a swimpond. They do help the balance and make it look natural, but everything we need the pond to do can be controlled by the filtration. So having this worked out and fit correctly is very important in terms of the pond.

There are companies that do a heavy plant filtration scheme in their swim ponds. This is not a technique we believe gives the safest and best swim pond. By using the filtration it makes the pond safer to swim in as it removes more bacteria from the water.