Swimpond Project – Canterbury

This project was completed by our team in 2021.

The client was extremely happy with the finished result, check out his blog here: https://swimmingpond.tumblr.com

Swimpond Project – Surrey

With this project, we turned an old pond into a stunning, natural Swimpond for this client to enjoy.

Swimpond Project – Rydon Homes

This project is our largest and proudest project.

Take a look at the brilliant finished product, as well as our technical drawings and some work in progress.

Swimpond Installation – Wales

Take a look at the before, during and after of this stunning Swimpond project completed in February 2021.

Swimpond Installation – Yorkshire

This Swimpond looks stunning now completed.

Take a look at a few images from throughout the installation of this stunning project.

Swimpond Installation – Hertfordshire

This project ended up being much more difficult than we anticipated. And from this, we learned for future projects.

But we promised to get it done, and it got completed.

This Swimpond in Hertfordshire, really adds to the stunning farm and garden our client has.

Take a look at these photos throughout the installation, and on completion!

Swimpond Installation – Infinity Edge

This Swimpond has a much more modern, classic swimming pool look.

With a stunning infinity edge, this Swimpond would really take your breath away.

Take a look at our journey from start to finish with this installation.

Swimpond Installation – Rutland

Take a look at one of our favourite recent Swimpond builds.

This natural finish goes perfectly with their large array of land.

Take a look at our video showcasing this stunning Swimpond, as well as a gallery full of images!

Swimpond Installation – Chelmsford, Essex

Completed swim pond with boulders and cobble stone with decking, overall pond

Our clients had a man-made fishpond in their rear garden of about 15m in length. They contacted us, as they wanted to convert it into a swimming pond and extend it to about 20m-25m in length.

Before picture of existing pond in clients garden, over grown with pond plants.

After Michaels visit with the clients, he briefed the design team on the project. They go stuck into the project and put some great designs together. Out clients were thrilled with what they came up with.

3D coloured computer design of swim pond, front view
3D coloured computer design of swim pond, side view
3D coloured computer design of swim pond, aerial view

Our team got cracking on the job and put our clients’ vision into reality. They now have a gorgeous deck over the swimming pond where they can relax, enjoy the sun and once a little hot they can take a refreshing swim to cool down.

Completed swim pond with boulders and cobble stone with decking, overall pond
Completed swim pond with boulders and cobble stone, with decking
Completed swim pond with boulders and cobble stone, with decking

Swimpond Installation – Tollerton, Nottinghamshire


Kate got into contact with us to have a look at her pre-existing pond. If was due a facelift but she wanted to create an area for her grandchildren where they could swim in the summer but to still give the effect of a wildlife pond.

Michael and our design team got together and came up with some ideas. We thought, why not a swim pond/natural swimming pool?! Michael suggested this to our client and the design team got busy on the design of what we call a Hybrid* Swim Pond.

Our client was thrilled with the outcome and gave us a 5 star review:

“Michael and his team transformed an overgrown, leaking swamp into a wonderful, well-designed pond that really enhances our property and the enjoyment we will get from it. His team on site were reliable, hard working and kept us fully informed of their plans at every stage of the process. We are delighted with the result and would recommend Michael with reservation.”

Completed swim pond with boulders and cobble stone

*A conventional swim pond is a rectangle. It is dug in the ground and block worked. A Hybrid Swim Pond is dug up like a normal pond with no block work. It is deep enough for people to jump or dive into. The right filtration is put into to hybrid swim pond to allow for it to be safe for people to swim in.