SwimPond Build and Installation

Although each build is unique, all projects follow the same basic process:

  • excavation and groundworks;
  • edging, drainage and liner;
  • fitting of filtration system;
  • additional features and landscaping; then
  • filling, planting and commissioning.

How long does it take to build a SwimPond?

This varies according to the site and the client’s requirements. But most builds can be completed in three weeks to five weeks. This might be extended for larger projects, or where installation is part of a wider scheme of work. You will have our Operations Manager overseeing the project, Your Project Manager on site at key moments, a Team Leader running your site and 2 or 3 installation staff on site throughout your project. This means there is a lot of input and we can complete the project promptly and smoothly.

Quality Standards

Your Freshwater Swimming Pond will be constructed to the highest standards of hygiene. The standards we apply are those required by the German Swimming Pond Association (tougher than both the British and International Swimming Pond standards). We are accredited by CHAS for our construction processes and by BALI for our landscaping design. We are a registered Installer of OASE equipment and all our staff are Firestone trained to seal our liners. We have a 5 year guarantee all all our installation work and the pond liners have a lifetime guarantee.

Want to do some of the work yourself?

We offer a Design and Part Build service. We take on the most difficult and specialist work. You keep your costs down by doing the groundworks yourself. You can get an idea of the savings from our SwimPond costs and prices page.


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