Commercial SwimPonds

As well as in domestic homes, SwimPonds are becoming increasingly popular for commercial premises. There are now many public natural swimming ponds in several countries. The leisure and hospitality industries are also beginning to turn away from chemical pools. We also offer a Design/Consultancy service to ensure the SwimPond is installed correctly for long term safe success.

SwimPonds for businesses

Some of the types of enterprises that have added SwimPonds include:

  • Hotels
  • Holiday homes and guest houses
  • Spas
  • Retreats
  • Glamping
  • Leisure facilities
  • Building companies
  • Architects

The benefits for businesses

  • Businesses and their customers understand the importance of sustainability and environmental policy.
  • The low running costs of swim ponds help make them a sound business investment.
  • Swim ponds provide a novel experience for customers used to a conventional pool.
  • A SwimPond may be marketed as a ‘point of difference’ from competitors.


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