SwimPond Conversions

We are often asked if it’s possible to convert a swimming pool to a SwimPond. Sometimes owners are tired of dealing with algae blooms, odour constant chlorine or bromine purchases and maintenance. It may be that your pool is showing its age and needs a new lease of life.

Conversion is generally possible whilst maintaining the same structure. Conversion involves adding a pump and a fresh-water biological filtration system. It may be we can add this to your existing pipework, or maybe your pipework needed updating too.

Clients often install a new dark butyl rubber lining. This helps the water to be naturally heated by the sun in the warmer months, but this is not essential unless your pool is leaking.

We can also change the design, break out the edging and redesign your pool to give shallow planting areas and soften the look. This involves a new liner if the shape has changed and a shallow planting shelf.

Advantages of SwimPonds over standard swimming pools

  • Chemical-free
  • Use less water
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduced costs
  • Better for the environment
  • Much more pleasing to look at
  • Can be designed to match the garden environment and style

Conversion costs

Transforming a swimming pool into a SwimPond may cost less than you think. Groundworks are a major part of the costs in SwimPond installation. It may also be possible to re-use or extend the life of existing equipment. Our Conversion projects start from £50,000 inc VAT. Please enquire for more information.


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