Swim Pond Designs

Although swim ponds all work the same way, their size, shape and style can vary a lot. Size can range from less than 50 square metres to much larger for commercial swim ponds. The shape can either be straight-edged or have gentle curves. The style of the design can range from formal to natural.

The unique design of any swim pond will depend on the site and preferences of the client. The local climate and amount of sun and shade make a difference. Decorative plants in the margins can be chosen to fit with the garden environment.

Traditional swimming pools can be converted to swim ponds. For these projects, the design is constrained by the existing site and installation.

How we work

First, we survey your site then sketch and create 2D Technical drawings of all of our projects.

We then design all our swim ponds using computer-aided design (CAD). CAD allows clients to see how designs look and to finalise details before a swim pond build begins.

A swim pond can be part of a wider landscaping project. Our experience in garden design and landscaping means we offer a wide range of additional options.

Design and part-build service

Some clients want to do some of the work themselves to keep costs down. So for some projects we’ll design, but only part build. This service allows you to buy our expertise for the most specialist and challenging parts. We offer the option to our clients to source their own groundwork contracts for excavations and spoil removal. The technical filter systems needed, sealing the rubber lining and the planting, are best left to the experts.


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