SwimPond Maintenance

One of the attractions of SwimPonds is that they need little maintenance. Many owners even enjoy some maintenance tasks because they are akin to gardening. But if you need help with maintenance, our team will be on hand to assist you however they can.

SwimPonds have a “break-in” period during which the system finds balance. Although they can be used for swimming immediately, it takes a while to establish a stable biological equilibrium. Once, this is reached, maintenance is minimal during the summer. An annual autumn pool service is generally a good idea.

Typical Maintenance Tasks

  • In autumn, leaves may need to be cleared from the surface. Netting can be used if necessary.
  • Autumn is also the sensible time to clean and service pumps.
  • In very cold winter weather, SwimPonds surfaces may freeze. As plants are chosen for their habitat, this causes no problem. SwimPonds are used in climates much colder than the UK and the filtration system will continue to circulate the water through the system below the surface
  • In spring, pruning and removal of any dead leaves is advisable, just as with a garden.
  • In summer, a prolonged heatwave might cause enough evaporation that the water level needs to be topped up.
  • Water test kits, available in garden centres, can check your swim pond’s nutrient levels.


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