Swim Ponds Prices & Quotes

Because swim pond designs are site-specific, it is difficult to give general prices. Some of the factors that influence the final price include:

  • Size
  • Site conditions (including ground, drainage and access)
  • Style of design
  • Finish
  • Special features or customisations
  • Additional landscaping

A starting price for a complete installation project would be in excess of £50,000.

Our filtration only projects start from £15,000.

We also offer hybrid designs which are installed like a pond along with our Swimpond technology, starting from £35,000.

Ongoing costs

The ongoing costs of a swim pond are lower than for a standard swimming pool. As well as savings through not using chemicals, modern pumps are efficient and low cost to run. We also install self-cleaning filters so you can leave them to run!

It also means you don’t require a “pool maintenance person” to maintain your pond regularly, which makes a Swimpond a considerably cost effective pool to maintain.

Quality standards

We want your swim pond to last. All the equipment we use to make up our swim pond system is of a very high standard. It’s a false economy to skimp on something that can give you decades of enjoyment.

Will a swim pond add to the value of my home?

Like any other home improvement, a swim pond adds to the resale value of your home. In particular, a swim pond can create a ‘wow factor’ that enhances the desirability of a home.

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