SwimPonds Installation Costs

Because SwimPond designs are site-specific, it is difficult to give general prices. Some of the factors that influence the final installation cost include:

  • Size
  • Site conditions (including ground, drainage and access)
  • Style of design
  • Finish
  • Special features or customisations
  • Additional landscaping


Starting prices for a small installation project is £60,000 inc VAT. Average costs are around £95,000 inc VAT with additional landscaping. Usually these projects are no larger than 12m x 4m. We offer clients the option to find and use their own local groundwork contractors for excavations and drainage which can reduce costs depending on your site access and the soil composition.

Ongoing Costs

The ongoing costs of a swim pond are lower than for a standard swimming pool. As well as savings through not using chemicals, modern pumps are efficient and low cost to run. We also install self-cleaning filters so you can leave them to run!

It means you do not require a “pool maintenance person” to maintain your pond regularly, which makes a SwimPond a considerably more cost effective pool to maintain.

There is only one main annual purchase needed, a new UV bulb for your filter as the filament lasts for around 10000 hours. These can be obtained direct from the supplier online, we’ll show you how to change the bulb during our handover to you.

Inside your filter you with have either sieves or sponges, or both. The sponges collect particles or debris from the water and need to be replaced every 3-4 years. Again you can purchase these online and we will show you how to change them yourselves during our project sign off meeting.

We do offer annual maintenance packages for the above if you aren’t around or don’t want the hassle.

Quality Standards

We want your swim pond to last. All the equipment we use to make up our SwimPond system is of a extremely high standard. It’s a false economy to skimp on something that can give you decades of enjoyment. We use German technology and are registered installers of OASE products. We have the manufacturers guarantee on all tech we install. We are accredited by CHAS for our construction work and by BALI for our landscaping.

Will a SwimPond add to the value of my home?

Like any other home improvement, a SwimPond adds to the resale value of your home. In particular, a swim pond can create a ‘wow factor’ that enhances the desirability of a home. The benefits of cold water swimming are becoming more well known. They are not costly to run as they are not heated. There are no chlorine or bromine purchases needed so unlike swimming pools don’t come with any costly upkeep.


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