Swim Ponds Prices & Quotes

Because swim pond designs are site-specific, it is difficult to give general prices. Some of the factors that influence the final price include:

  • Size
  • Site conditions (including ground, drainage and access)
  • Style of design
  • Finish
  • Special features or customisations
  • Additional landscaping

A starting price for a complete traditional swim pond build would be in excess of £50,000.

We also offer a consultancy and part build service this can see a traditional swim pond be completed from £25,000.

We now offer a Pond / Swim pond hybrid which creates an awesome looking pond which is safe to swim in, these start from as little as £22,000.

Ongoing costs

The ongoing costs of a swim pond are lower than for a standard swimming pool. As well as savings through not using chemicals, modern pumps are efficient and low cost to run. We also install self-cleaning filters so you can leave them to run!

Quality standards

We want your swim pond to last. All the equipment we use to make up our swim pond system is of a very high standard. It’s a false economy to skimp on something that can give you decades of enjoyment.

Will a swim pond add to the value of my home?

Like any other home improvement, a swim pond adds to the resale value of your home. In particular, a swim pond can create a ‘wow factor’ that enhances the desirability of a home.